Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Working Nights

So I work nights which is horrible because obviously everybody is up during the day doing everything. Friends and family can't seem to understand that I have to sleep 8 hours of the day just like they do and my bed time is 9:00a.m. People ring me at 12:00p.m and call me a lazy bastard just because I'm still in bed, it really pisses me off!!!

To top it all I'm working a 55 hour week this week. That's a 11 hours (12 counting my dinner hour) from Monday to Friday. Its only Wednesday and I already want to just run away and live in the forest. Guarenteed I'll get a phone call at 10:00a.m on Saturday :9 FML!


  1. holy shit, that is rough
    I used to work overnight at walmart. 10 pm - 7am
    and then school at 9am-ish

    rinse and repeat
    it is crazy shit.

    my condolences to you
    stay tough!

  2. At least the pay is good though right?

  3. I'm usually up all night anyways so night shifts have always appealed to me.
    I guess normal people that don't want to sleep past 1pm might not enjoy that though.

  4. I sued the work the same amount of hours, it's really tired. I have friends who stayed at work even more time.