Tuesday, 1 February 2011

First Entry

Hello everyone (if anyone ever reads this). I've set up this Blog because I want to document my day to day occurrences. I'm by no means an important person nor do I lead a very interesting life, its just that I want to use this place so maybe someone out there will know that there boring and uninteresting life happens to us all.

Hopefully I'll have some laughs along the way and hopefully you'll find some amusement in some of the things I do because trust me, I do a lot of silly things, especially under the in influence of alcohol :p

I'll start buy telling you a pretty embarrassing thing I did over the weekend. My girlfriend has been away for sometime and she got back this weekend. As you can guess I was pretty happy to see her for more reasons than one (she was away for a full month and your hand is just never the same). We went out for a meal where we drank quite a bit of wine, got back to her and I drank even more until it got to the time were she said "I think its time to go to bed". Unfortunately by this point I was quite intoxicated and could only manage to stumble to her bedroom. After 10 minutes of struggling to take off my pants (as sexy as I possibly could in such a state) I got into bed with her.

At this point I have no memory but from what I've been told she had to put the condom on for me, I proceeded to get on top of her, do some kind of weird little jig by which point she kicked me out of bed and I had to sleep naked outside of her bedroom.

Her room-mate thought it was hilarious when she found me the next day butt naked with a condom still on slouched awkwardly over the sofa... we still haven't had sex since!


  1. followed.

  2. Sorry to hear that man. Though I'm in the same boat, no sex in a week and a half for no discernable reason. But she's perfectly happy for me to go down on her of course.

  3. You better be acreful not to drink too much next time! Still, I feel sorry you you.