Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Art of Wind Swearing.

I had an absolutely terrible sleep today and as I'm typing this I still feel tired. What makes things ten times worse is that my car is being repaired so I have to bike to work in gale force winds. I don't know why but I always feel as though the wind is a massive conspiracy against me when I'm biking. As embarrassing as this is to say I swear at the wind as if its a person pushing me back while I'm biking. Sometimes I get lost in doing it and don't realise people are around me... suffice to say I've had a few funny looks.

I've just noticed today that I haven't been on my Xbox in nearly 2 months. I'm on the edge of getting rid of it unless any of you can tell me a game that's coming out soon that will make it worth keeping. I'm looking forward to your comments.

Monday, 7 February 2011

I Just Don't Know What to do with Myself

It looks like its a quiet night in on my own tonight. My girlfriend is tied up with Uni and non of my friends wan't to go out around the town. This could really be a good time to start powering through my first essay for Open University. Its going to be about networking and communication and how it effects day to day life... should be REAALLLY interesting :/

I'm looking forward to the weekend this week because after work tomorrow night and Wednesday night I'm off for a few days. I'm going to Paris with Lucy during the weekend (being as its Valentines weekend) and we're going to the Moulin Rouge on the saturday and a meal in the Eiffel Tower on Sunday. I'll make sure I take pic's and post them on here.

I'd also just like to post a thank you for all the kind words of encouragement about me starting a degree! Just remember guys, its never too late. I guess I'm living proof of that.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Surprised Much?

So last night was a massive surprise to me. Before I got to Lucys I half expected her to just want to have another quiet night... boy was I wrong.

I walked into her house and she was stood there all dressed up looking breathtaking. I asked why she had her glad rags on and she said she fancies going out. That was all I needed to hear, taxi was booked and we was in a bar down town faster than a politician can lie!

We met quite a lot of friends while we was out and loads of drinks were passed round (of which I slyly avoided because of last weeks fiasco). We had a great time and after leaving a club about 4 in the morning we went to casino where I lost £40 and Lucy won £120. I was a little jealous at that but I was having such a good night I couldn't really give a shit.

The biggest shock was when we got home. I think the week of enforced celibacy has took it's toll more on her than it has on me. It was a good night.

Waking up at 2p.m on a Sunday afternoon is a wonderful feeling!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

OU and GF's

I start my Open University degree today. I'm pretty happy that the OU exists because from 16 to 22 I've just been about having a good time in life and never really concentrated on my future or did anything to contribute towards it. Around September time last year I really assessed my situation and came to the OMG epiphany that I need to get my lazy arse moving before I become one of these sad 35 year old burger flippers.

The degree is a BSc (Honours) Computing with Business which I thought was a good qual to get as its pretty varied and I'm already quite versed in the I.T side of it. I never thought I'd say this but it actually feels good to know I'm going to be sitting down a couple of hours everyday and doing something constructive with my time.

Anyway, tonight is Operation: Relationship Jumpstart! I am going to get my girlfriend to go out by any means necessary.The plan is to suggest a trip to the casino, she is a roulette fiend so I know this will work. Once were out I'm going to ply her with fancy cocktails and when she's sufficiently tipsy I'm going to suggest hitting the town. It seems a little underhanded but I know once she's out she'll have a great time. Bring on tonight, lets hope there's no disappointment.

Friday, 4 February 2011

23 and Already Middle Aged!

As I posted yesterday me and my girlfriend, Lucy planned to have a good night out watching a few live bands. When I got halfway to her house I received a phone call off her;

Me:        Hello Marshmallow (my pet name for her... try not to puke)
Lucy:      Hi, is it OK if we don't go out tonight?
Me:        (in a disappointed tone) Yeah, I suppose. Why though?
Lucy:      Its been a hard day at Uni and I'm too tired to move.
Me:        OK, shall I pick up anything while I'm on my way?
Lucy:      Ooo, a couple of bottles of wine would be good.
Me:        Right, I'll get on it. See ya soon.

At this point I shaklacky'ed (tenacious D saying) the phone on her, moved on to the nearest supermarket and bought the wine.

I got to hers, did all the usual "hows your day been etc" and we slumped in front of the TV. Before I knew it I was sat watching 'Relocation Relocation', a property programme with a glass of wine in my hand. Now correct me if I'm wrong but isn't there something a little off with the fact a 23 year old would be doing this when he should be out getting up to all sorts of mischief and shenanigans?!!

I fear I'll be having a mid-life crisis this time next Tuesday is things carry on. I'm seeing her tomorrow which is on a weekend. If any of this bullshit happens again I'm just going to take out my penis and tacklewhack her across the face to snap us both out of this madness! 

Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Adelphi Club

Me and my girlfriend are going to the Adelphi club tonight.

To look at this place you would think that it's some little two-bit dingy shit-hole... well actually that's exactly what it is but for some reason a lot of big names have played there. Even though it's max capacity is around 65-70 bands like Oasis, Radiohead and Supergrass have played there.

There's not going to be any big names tonight but it's just humbling to think that these big names have played in such an intimate location. There's also going to be alcohol there but after the weekends shenanigans I think I'll stick to soft drinks.

Roll-on Indie fun :)

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Working Nights

So I work nights which is horrible because obviously everybody is up during the day doing everything. Friends and family can't seem to understand that I have to sleep 8 hours of the day just like they do and my bed time is 9:00a.m. People ring me at 12:00p.m and call me a lazy bastard just because I'm still in bed, it really pisses me off!!!

To top it all I'm working a 55 hour week this week. That's a 11 hours (12 counting my dinner hour) from Monday to Friday. Its only Wednesday and I already want to just run away and live in the forest. Guarenteed I'll get a phone call at 10:00a.m on Saturday :9 FML!